Health Insight. The Changes Every Woman Experiences At Every Cycle.

Am glad to share the following cutesy of my menstrual app Flo.


Did you know a modern woman has about 450 periods in her lifetime, but her grandmother might have had only 150 due to multiple pregnancies? Let us go deeper and get to know some of the questions and the answers that are helpful to the modern woman concerning what their body goes through.

Menstruation also known as period, is a regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina.


Most of us if not all, experience body changes. The changes occurs before and after menstruating. Am intending to base the discussion in form of questions and answers:

  1. Is your menstrual cycle regular?

Many women, menstruation is sometimes irregular. For others, the cycle remains irregular throughout their lives.

This can be caused by hormonal imbalance, illness, taking certain medications, menopause, excessive physical activity, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, stress, sudden weight gain/loss or travel.

  1. How often is your period late and what should you do?

A period is not considered missed if it comes within 7 days of when it was expected. Therefore, don’t worry if you have to wait a few days.

If your period is later than days and this happens more often than every 5-6 months, then you should pay attention to it and try to find the cause.


  1. How long or how many days do you receive your period?

As a rule, 5-7 days of period’s delay is not considered late and shouldn’t cause worries.

The reasons behind the prolonged period are those causing the period to be irregular as listed above. (Note 1)

  1. Do you notice changes in your general well-being shortly before your periods?

If yes, Premenstrual Syndrome PMS is a condition with emotional and physical symptoms, usually preceding your period by a week or two.

The most common symptoms include headaches, achy muscles and joints, low back pain, fatigue, acne tender breast, cravings for sweet or salty foods and of course, mood swings.

  1. Do you experience pain in the lower abdomen before your period?

abnominal pain

A frequent symptom of approaching menstruation is a tensive pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes shooting up the lower back, the perineum and the hips.

As a rule, such symptoms don’t indicate a problem. Pain is the body’s response to the hormonal levels changing at the end of the cycle.

  1. Do you experience cramping during your period?

Experiencing cramps during menstruation is very common. This happens due to intensive uterine contraction.

The first few days of your period are likely to be the most painful ones.

A little exercise, sex, or eating your favourite food will stimulate the production of hormones that will help ease the pain and boost your mood.

  1. Do you have spotting between periods?

Most women don’t have spotting between periods.

Your period has its own schedule, but spotting may occur in the middle of the cycle as it’s mostly linked to ovulation. However, sometimes it’s a signal of other changes in your changes.

  1. Breast sensitivity (pain, breast and nipple swelling, etc.)

Various types of breast pain including premenstrual pain, are observed in 70% of women. However, the reasons for such pain are many.

During PMS, female hormones levels change and, as a result, the breast can swell and ache.

Nodules in the breasts, a change in their size or shape, unusual sensation, liquid oozing from the nipples may indicate mastitis or other diseases.

See you next time as we get to learn more of our body changes. Thanks to my app Flo for the helpful health insights.


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