How to Reduce Bloating Quickly

Bloating is a major problem that is affecting most of us. It makes you look like you have belly fat, it is very uncomfortable, it prevents sleeping and you can’t even fit in your cloths.

There are simple things you can do to reduce the discomfort cause by bloating:


Acupressure is basically pressing on different parts of the body. The best and the right way to press is by pressing underneath your right ribcage using your hand, where you press and hold it for about two minutes. You kind of massaging your gallbladder and that will help reduce all the congestion in there and you will feel less bloated, because the gall bladder stores something called bile and that is what helps you digest the fats. If you deficient in bile or it is the gallbladder sluggish you will get bloating when you eat.


Also you need to press on other side right through, because you got the gallbladder on the right side and the left side you the pancreas. The pancreas is the other digestive gland that helps you make the enzymes to digest all these foods. Everything and time you eat your body set your pancreas senses what you eat and it generates certain enzymes to help break that down.

If you run out of certain enzymes, you are going to get bloated because the pancreas is not doing its job. Therefore, you need to work on both sides, two minutes on the right side and two minutes on the left and you feel less bloated.

But, we need to fix the diet because this is only temporary, so the next time you eat bloating will be right back. Instead of a temporary relief, we need to check on the true deeper root causes of bloating.

The common ones are:


Grains – that would be the bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, biscuits, pancakes, noodles, juice, alcohol and others. The sugars especially gluten, gluten is a protein in the grains and it just creates a lot of bloating for people.

  • A combination of protein and sugar is really bad for bloating and it also causes a massive spike of insulin.
  • Also a combination of fat and sugar increases insulin too, more than eating them separate.

Starches – we have the rice, potatoes this will bloat you too. So you need to reduce or do away with them.


Let’s say you reduce them and still have a problem, then we have to increase the acid in the stomach especially if you have acid reflux (acid reflux is caused by not having enough acid)

To increase the acid and not the bile, which help you digest fats. The recommended product is the Apple cider vinegar plus. Vinegar tablet is rich in betaine hydrochloride, which will basically build up your acids in your stomach.

There is also gallbladder formula, these are tablets that have purified bile salts. This will help you a lot with the bloating problem.

If the problem do not go away then you can try nutrition.




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