Are You Addicted to Puffed Bras As I Am? Read On How You Can Enhance Breast Size

Breast size is determined by a combination of genetics, lifestyle and body weight. If you are interested in increasing your bust size without giving your skin a knife route, why not try out these home remedies. With home remedies, you need to be dedicated and very patient because the results are not overnight.

breast size

Having smaller breast due to any reason just try out these home remedies and feel the change yourself.

Regular breast massage

Massaging helps to increase the blood circulation in this area and it also releases the growth hormones through the sense of touch. The desired breast size can be achieved by use of the following ingredients:


  • Using oils

Take any natural oil with which you want to massage your breast with,

Pour some oil on the palm and then start rubbing to create heat,

Now place your palm on the breast and move it in circular rotation, where you start pushing breast towards each other then up and then away from each other and then finally back towards pushing.

This completes a rotation. You have to complete at least 300 rotation at one time. Repeat the massage twice a day for at least a month or two to get effective results.

  • Using own hands

If you do not wish to use any oil you can simply do this massage using your hands, where you rub your palms together so that the friction makes them a little warm. Then do circular massage on each breast and repeat twice a day for at least 300 rubs.



  • Onion juice

This is one of the simplest home remedy for natural breast enhancement.

Prepare a mixture with onion juice, honey and turmeric. Apply the mixture on the breast, leave this mixture overnight and wash this off next morning.

Not only will it help increase the size but it will also make the sagging breast firm.


  • Red lentils

Red lentils is an ingredient readily available in our kitchens.

For red lentils to be usable in this case, soak them in warm water for a couple of hours until it becomes soft. Grind this to a fine paste.

Take this paste and apply it to the breast until the paste dries completely.

Then simply wash it off.

Use this daily for some months to see the difference



Apply these useful home remedies and feel the change yourself. Don’t forget to share your experience and results.



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