Foods for Clean and Healthy Kidneys

The kidneys are vitally important organs for the health and well-being of everyone. Today one in three adults are at the risk of developing kidney diseases. When kidneys are healthy and strong they do their job, which entails various functions and when they become compromised they cannot do what they need to and your body begins to suffer.


The role of kidneys:

They have quite a wide range where they help your body produce hormones, absorb minerals and are vital in the role of excretion. They help the body excrete urine properly and remove excess salts. If the kidneys are not properly filtering, toxic waste can build up in the body, hence kidney disease and kidney stones, which are very painful. Kidneys are also responsible for helping regulate blood pressure, red blood cells, regulation of acid and more.



Everyone has two kidneys; they are bean shaped organs near your upper abdominal region. Like their shape suggests, beans are good for your kidneys. If you have had any of the following once, or several times then paying attention to your kidney health would be smart:

Infections in the kidneys, blood clotting disorders, decreased blood flow, low or high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, pregnancy complications and dehydrations.


These can be signs that your kidney health is compromised and that you need foods that support kidneys, strengthens and cleanses them.


One of the common health conditions that people can experience with compromised kidney health is kidney stones. Kidney stones show up in the kidneys when the body accumulates too much calcium and an imbalance of other minerals such as magnesium.

Look out for my next blog on to learn on foods that will keep our kidneys healthy and clean.


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