More to Health Properties Papaya Leaves has, there are Several Constituents in Papaya Leaves that are Very Useful to Our Bodies….

This is a clarification of the constituents named in previous articles on papaya leaves treating health problems, please refer back to the article regarding the issue.

As we earlier discovered, the papain found in papaya leaves, is leading as the most active enzyme in the green parts of papaya plant and its even 3 times abundant in green papaya than the fully ripened fruit.



Chymopapain is known to lower inflammation and improve healing from burns. Chymopapain is a special enzyme that is sometimes injected into the intervertebral disc as a treatment for patients suffering from a slipped spinal disc.


Carpaine is a major alkaloid component of papaya leaves, which has a calming effect on the heart, bronchus and muscles making it ideal for lung ailments such as bronchitis and asthma. However, higher doses can produce constriction or narrowing of blood vessels walls. Carpaine is reported to be able to kill worms and amoebas.



Flavonols antioxidants are a specific type of antioxidant commonly known as flavonoids. This group of antioxidants may have antiviral, antitumor and anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. Flavonols contain quercetin, a potent antioxidant proven beneficial in the treatment of viral infections, particularly in patients with underlying chronic lung disease.



Beta-cryptoxanthin is a pro-vitamin A carotenoid, meaning it can be converted by the body to retinol. As with other carotenoids, cryptoxanthin is an antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage to cells and DNA, and also stimulates the repair of oxidative damage to DNA. It reduces colon cancer and significantly lowers the occurrence of bladder carcinoma.


Benefits of Papaya Leaf

Papaya is very rich in magnesium, hence reason why papaya leaves are advocated for humans. This is because they aid in treatment of diseases such as tetany, tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer and all nervous diseases. Magnesium also assists in assimilation of phosphorus.


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Potassium contributes to the fight against bacteria and cleanse the digestive system. It also necessary to work on muscular weakness, which is associated with malaria. Potassium also slows down sclerosis of the vascular system.


The brown papaya leaf is used as a cleanser in herbal remedy because the sodium in it takes part in the metabolism of water, promotes digestion, assimilation, osmosis, cleanses the digestive system, combats stomach acidity and alkalize the blood.


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Iron is beneficial in various ways where it acts as an energizer, but when consumed in excess can cause fatigue. The presence of iron indicates that the leaves can be used against anaemia, tuberculosis and growth disorder.


It is necessary for the functioning of the pituitary gland, the pineal gland and the brain. It promotes hepato-renal function, combat anaemia, supports bone development and function, speeds healing of wounds, sustains healthy skin, strengthens the immune system, and stabilizes blood sugar to protect against diabetes and metabolic disorders.


With all the above constituents it is right to say, papaya leaves medicinal powers can work miracles in the human body.



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