Best and Unique Ways to Lose Belly Fat

How fast is it possible to lose belly fat? Nutritionists and physical trainers have come up with effective ways to lose belly fat, so one can acquire a flat tummy within as little time as possible. With enough focus and dedication, you can enjoy a flatter tummy and a healthier body. This starts with the first thing you do in the morning to your bedtime rituals, these tips will help you take inches off your waist fast.

What to use:

  1. Lemon water


Best for cleansing your system, this detox drink can burn fat around your belly more effectively. Works best when taken as the first thing in the morning.

  1. Check your hydration levels

Care from water

Besides the 8 glasses of water prescribed by most of medical professionals, its best to take as much water as you can since the water helps burn fat efficiently. You can also increase water appetite with the flavored water infused with lemon, cucumber and mint. Lemon, cucumber and mint water are extremely refreshing and effective for weight loss.

  1. Be active and get fresh air



First thing in the morning, do some jogging or walking; this will make you feel refreshed. It also helps in delivery of oxygen to you brain and your sleepy muscles and jump-starts your metabolism. At the time you have your first meal, you will burn more calories faster.

High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) is actually one of the most effective workouts to burn fat faster.


In addition, you can do a belly fat burning HIIT workout, such as planking. For planking, get in a plank position, and then bend your left knee up to your left arm. Quickly jump into same position on the other side, and keep repeating it until you tire yourself out.

These methods of reducing belly fat are only effective if you are consistent. Therefore, make a point of staying active and eat healthy.


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